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    When is Lumber Liquidators’ next scheduled earnings release?

    You may find this information on the Events page.

    When is Lumber Liquidators' next annual meeting of stockholders scheduled to take place?

    You may find this information on the Events page.

    How can I get a copy of the Company’s Annual Report, quarterly and annual SEC filings?

    You may find this information on the Annual Reports and SEC Filings page.

    When is Lumber Liquidators’ fiscal year end?

    Lumber Liquidators fiscal year ends on December 31st.

    Where is Lumber Liquidators headquartered?

    Lumber Liquidators in headquartered at 4901 Bakers Mill Lane, Richmond, VA, 23230-2431

    When did the Company go public and what was the price per share?

    Lumber Liquidators completed its initial public offering at $11.00 per share and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on November 9, 2007.

    What is Lumber Liquidators’ stock symbol and on what stock exchange is Lumber Liquidators stock traded?

    Lumber Liquidators trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “LL”.

    Is Lumber Liquidators included in any major stock index?

    Lumbers Liquidators is not included in any major stock index.

    How can I purchase stock in Lumber Liquidators?

    You should contact a licensed stockbroker to purchase shares in the Company.

    Does Lumber Liquidators have a direct stock purchase plan?

    Lumber Liquidators does not currently have a direct purchase plan.

    How can I transfer my stock or change my address with the transfer agent?

    Contact ComputerShare at (800) 730-6001.

    What is Lumber Liquidators’ cusip number?

    The Company’s cusip number is 55003T107.

    Who are Lumber Liquidators’ independent auditors?

    The Company’s independent auditors are Ernst and Young LLP.

    How can I receive news updates about Lumber Liquidators?

    News and updates can be received by signing up for email alerts on the news alerts page.

    How may I contact Investor Relations?

    You may find this information on the Contact Investor Relations page.